Start. Stop. Continue.

Follow my journey back to the classroom on my new blog Risk and Reflect where I will share my attempts to take what I’ve learned as PYP Coordinator for two years and put it into practice and hopefully truly make the PYP happen!


Today was my last day as PYP Coordinator so now that that chapter has ended (paused?) I’m able to begin to think about moving back into the classroom.

I haven’t been in the classroom for two years and a lot has happened in that time. I discovered blogs for the first time. I joined Twitter. I participated in many PYP workshops. I have done lots of my own professional learning and facilitated others’ professional learning. I’ve been in classrooms and planning sessions from Pre-K to Grade 5 and for every single-subject. I started my Masters of Education.

All of these experiences have re-shaped the way I understand teaching and learning and have completely changed who I am as an educator. It is for this reason that I have chosen to go back in the classroom and try my hand at being a PYP teacher again.

In short – I want a…

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